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About Us

Owner of "Fence and Finance"

Clint Treat

explains how Fence and Finance began...

"When our family was looking for a new home it seemed that all the houses and properties we were most interested in needed a new fence. When purchasing a home, after moving expenses and closing costs, its very difficult to afford to come up with the money to purchase a brand new fence. I have a young daughter and our family pets to think about, so a fence is not optional, its is a must have!  My wife and I thought about the fact that if we could only find a way to make payments on a fence, we would be able to purchase the home of our dreams and still be able to get the safety and security of having a beautiful fence as well!


So, Thats why we decided to create "Fence and Finance". We started this business to help people like ourselves get the fence they have always dreamed of, in low monthly payments they can afford!"

-Clint Treat




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